How your purchase helps charity

The team behind work strongly with leading charities to help make the world a better place. By purchasing from the network of sites, you're helping to support our list of charities.

So far this year, have provided:

      Sheep and beehives to help develop starving towns in Africa and the East 

      Dozens of water, health, nutrition and school lunch kits to sustain poor communities 

      Over 6,550 cups of food to feed thousands of starving children

      Food for rescued wild horses in the Black Beauty Ranch, Texas

      Support for Hurricane Katrina and the Red Cross fund 

     Protection and support for Red Howler monkeys in Columbia

     2500+ in food to starving and abused cats & dogs in North East England

     Relaxation workshops for thousands of nurses in British Columbia, Canada

     Planted 100 trees in Holyland Wood, Pembroke, through the International Tree Foundation

      Support for animals from horses to owls at the Ark on the Edge animal sanctuary.

In addition, is also registered as a "Site Angel" for The Hunger Site.

Over $1000 for the 2005 tsunami: Big thanks to all of our customers who helped Andrea Briand raise well over a thousand dollars for the tsunami relief fund. You can view her campaign page at

The National Autistic Society: We helped Helen Rothwell trek to Peru in support of the National Autistic Society. We've donated! View the campaign page at